Abbreviations of Regiments


K.O.Y.L.I / Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 
K.O.S.B./ * Kings Own Scottish Borderers 
R.F.A. / Royal Field Artillery 
R.G.A. / Royal Garrison Artillery 
A.S.C. / Army Service Corps 
* This is now the 'Royal Army Service Corps' 
A.O.C./ Army Ordnance Corps 
A.P.W.O/ Alexandra, Princess of Wales. 
* Own Yorkshire regiment, whose nickname was always Green Howards, and after WW1 in 1920 the official name became the 'Green Howards' (Alexandra Princess of Wales, Own Yorkshire Regiment or Yorkshire Regiment. 
A.V.C. / Army Vetinary Corps 
H.L.I. / Highland Light Infantry 
D.L.I. / Durham Light Infantry 
A.P.D. / Army Pay Department 
R.A.M.C./ Royal Army Medical Corps 
R.A.S.C./ Royal Army Service Corps 
K.R.R. / Kings Royal Rifles 
W.R./ Witwatersrand Rifles 
R.N.A.S./ Royal Naval Air Service 
M.G.C. / Machine Gun Corps 
M.F.O./ Multinational Force Office 
N.A.T.O/ North Atlantic Treaty Organisation 
(R) / Reserves 
(T) / Territorial 
(K) / Killed 
R.N. / Royal Navy 
R.N.V.R./ Royal Navy Volunteer Reserves 
R.E. / Royal Engineers 

* Updates kindly contributed by Charles R Wiles 



Soldiers of Skelton Parish or Wharton Parish 

Men of Skelton, North Skelton, New Skelton, Skelton Green, Boosbeck, Lingdale, Margrove Park, Charltons Terrace and Moorsholm. 

On August 4th 1914, about 160 men of G Company’s York’s Regiment paraded at the new drill Hall, Skelton, having mobilised that morning. Before they left Skelton the Rev. C.F. Littleton addressed the men in a few words, urging them “Be Sober, Be Vidulent, Quit you like men” he also went on to say that when the time came for them to go to the front, they would be as Englishmen always have been and would fight for the Honour of King and Country. Mr Wharton also spoke a few words, he regretted that his time in command of the regiment was over last year, and also said that it was with great effort to him to see them go without him. 
(transcribed as written) 

This website contains a list of the men who served their country in the First World War. 1914 – 1918. The names have been gathered from Skelton Parish Records, archived records at Middlesbrough and the public, who spoke to Tom and Stuart, so some names may be missing, but this is a unique record. 

Some names may be duplicated due to the fact that if injured they may have returned to a different regiment or that their parents had moved house while they were away. 

It has been collated over the years by the late Tom Curnow and Stuart McMillian, who without their time, their commitment and effort would not be available. I thank them very much. We hope we can get more information to add to what is already a very comprehensive list. 

If you know of anyone who is missed from the list or you have any photographs of any of the men, (not necessarily during the war or in uniform) please get in contact with me, so that they too can be added to the site. 




Battle Dates

1st Battle of Ypres October – November 1914 

Gallipoli Campaign – March 1915 – 1916 

Somme – July – November 1916 

Messines – June 1917 

Passchendaele – July – November 1917 

Cambrai – November 1917 


1914-1918 War


The Long Long Trail 

A tribute to the men and women who fought and won - and to the million who died trying. 

by Chris Baker 

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